Uncontrollable Habit

July 31, 2008

          A typical thing I do on most days during the summer is to go to the gym and shoot hoops. It’s a habit I can’t control. I wake up, eat breakfast, change into a appropriate attire, and then head to the gym. I know that the reason I do this is because I enjoy it and I want to improve my game. I can’t control it. Even if I dont’ want to, my body just takes me to the gym by itself. Sometimes, I ask myself where this is going to take me in life. I’m pretty sure my future professional career will not be basketball oriented. Just because I’m a captain on the school team doesn’t mean that I have a future in basketball. Now that I’m a senior, I see the path of light dimming. It’s probably going to be my last year of organized basketball. Maybe that’s why I keep working on my skills: to make this last season the best.


        I just came back from a church retreat. Before this experience, I had trouble communicating with my peers at church because of my limited Korean speaking. I was just hoping that I can just get through these next three days and come home. To make things worse, the schedule for the retreat was to have a rafting trip on the last day. That was the only thing I was actually looking forward to but the rain was pouring so instead, the alternate plan was to go to the ATV(4 wheel automobile) field. However, the weather condition became worse so that even got cancelled. So basically, the retreat was filled with bible studies, worship, and boredom. On Saturday, we were getting ready to go home. However, ironically, I was not ready to go home. Even though I was bored ot of my mind and even though I was limited in my speaking, I got to meet and know other people better and I felt a connection with them and I didn’t want it to end. This experience was extremely beneficial to me because I got to meet new people and that one can always find something valuable, even out of a bum experience.