Uncontrollable Habit

July 31, 2008

          A typical thing I do on most days during the summer is to go to the gym and shoot hoops. It’s a habit I can’t control. I wake up, eat breakfast, change into a appropriate attire, and then head to the gym. I know that the reason I do this is because I enjoy it and I want to improve my game. I can’t control it. Even if I dont’ want to, my body just takes me to the gym by itself. Sometimes, I ask myself where this is going to take me in life. I’m pretty sure my future professional career will not be basketball oriented. Just because I’m a captain on the school team doesn’t mean that I have a future in basketball. Now that I’m a senior, I see the path of light dimming. It’s probably going to be my last year of organized basketball. Maybe that’s why I keep working on my skills: to make this last season the best.


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