Here They Come Again

August 2, 2008

          Last year at this time, everytime I go out to meet people, play basketball, or whatever I went out to do, they would always tell me that I should be studying or preparing for the upcoming school year. Their heads would be steaming with aggravation and with their comments, mine would steam up too. It’s worse when the school year actually starts. Then during the summer, when the weather is so humid and hot and sweat pours down my face, they would actually calm down and give me some freedom. Now, the time has come again to face those demands to study and prepare. I know parents say this for our benefits but at the same time, it’s hard to see it like that. This is going to be the last year I have to face this scrutiny. After this year I’m on my own to make my own decisions and nobody is going to stop me from what I do. I love my parents dearly and I know they love me back too but sometimes, they can be a pain the ass. I wouldn’t mind being away from them for a while.


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