Trip to Japan

August 8, 2008

          From August 5th to August 8th, I went on a trip to Japan with my family. My expectations were crowded streets and hectic traffic in the city of Tokyo but it was the complete opposite. We went to the quieter side of Japan to Hokkaido, which is an island in Japan. In Japan, we did a lot of moving around in buses, boats, trains; you name it. My head is in agony because of all the travel we did. However, after the trip, I think I wouldn’t mind living in Japan. The weather is nice, the water is clean, the people are respectful, and people drive politely and with manners.

          There are many differences from Japan and Korea. The driving lanes are the opposite. Korea and the United States drive on the right side of the road but Japan drives on the left side. It took a while to get used to this. The culture is really different too. Korea usually provides extra free services at restaurants such as refilling the kimchi bowl or providing coffee afterwards. In Japan, there is no such thing. You get what you get. I didn’t know this until I asked for more kimchi. When I did, the waitress looked at me strangely and I didn’t know what to make of that odd look. Then the tour guide had to tell me that there are no refills.

          Although that kimchi incident was embarrasing, I enjoyed the experience of a new culture. The trip to Japan was tiring yet memorable.


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