Fraud in China

August 18, 2008

          When I watched the Opening Ceremonies, I was simply amazed by the embellishing decorations and the perfection to which it was performed. That was before I read the article saying that the fireworks were fake and the girl that was shown on camera didn’t even sing. Now, my high praise for the opening ceremonies have diminished to “was any of the things we saw real”. I can understand the fireworks because they feared that the image couldn’t be captured on camera well enough. The footprints were so well depicted that I had no clue that the fireworks were fake. I’m not against it because there could be an error or it could be dangerous. However, using the two girls in two different roles was wrong. First of all, think of the mental impact it can have on the two girls. I know the little girls said that they are fine because they were able to contribute in the Opening Ceremonies, but what if they are not? Lin Miaoke, who has the better appearance, would probably ask herself, am I that bad at singing? On the other hand, Yang Peiyi, who had the better voice, would probably ask herself, am I that ugly? For chidren at their age, they need compliments, not criticism. Also, there isn’t a perfect person in this world. Why are they trying to represent China in the most perfect fashion? The perfect girl shown on the television was a fraud and the way they used both girls was wrong.


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