Greatest Olympian Owes Fellow Olympian

August 28, 2008

          The biggest sport figure in the world right now is a 22 year old swimmer. Michael Phelps broke the record for most gold medals in a single Olympics. The previous record was seven by Mark Spitz but now, that title belongs to Michael Phelps with eight gold medals. He also broke the record for most gold medals total. It’s amazing how such a young person can be so successful and be so dominating.

          What was so inspiring about his achievement was not by him. The 400 meter freestyle relay event he compteted in was one of the most amazing races I’ve seen. Phelps started off for Team USA but his time was 3rd from 4 times. Teammate Jason Lezak was the savior for Phelps. Lezak was the last swimmer for Team USA and he was a full length behind French swimmer Alain Bernard, who held the world record for fastest 100 meter freestyle, which was the length Lezak had to swim. Instead of giving up, Lezak had a adrenaline rush and caught up with Bernard in the end and won by a hair. The other U.S. swimmers were screaming in joy, especially Phelps. Although Phelps is the greatest swimmer right now, he owes Lezak big time.


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