Redeem Team

August 28, 2008

          At the Oympics at Greece in 2004, the USA basketball team was filled with stars from the NBA, such as Allen Iverson, LeBron James, and ten other superstars. However, despite all of that superpower, Team USA finished an embarrasing third. This year in Beijing, Team USA had a chip on their shoulders. Also, this team had better focus and less selfishness on the court. They all shared one goal: to win the gold. Despite filling the team with superstars once again, these particular group of players sacrificed scoring and played as a team. They put their egos aside and shared the ball with another. Kobe Bryant, the best player in the NBA, focused on defense instead of carrying the team. Nobody complained about playing time and had a team-first attitude. All this sacrifice resulted in Team USA dominating the playing field and winning the gold with ease and reclaiming the honor of having the best players in the world. What was amazing about this team was the attitude they had. Nobody thought a bunch of stars would give up so much. This showed a sense of unity and a love for their country nobody saw from previous USA teams. Thats why this team was the best USA team ever.


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