So Young, and So Gadgeted

August 28, 2008

          I think technology is a good asset to society. It makes life more easy and comforable. However, we shouldn’t fully embed our lives with technology. Our thoughts become limited and we can get lazy. Putting that in consideration, I think children should get their first cellphone once they reach the 7th Grade. This is when I got my first phone also. Giving a 6 year old child would not do any good for the child or the parent. The child would get obsessed with the phone and the parent would just be wasting money on something not necessary at that point in a child’s life. I think once a child reaches the 7th grade, they’ll be mature and teachable enough for a parent to make the kid understand that technology is not our whole life.

          I’ve heard of Jean Piaget in Psychology class previously this year. He was one of the most influential child development psychologists of his time. He watched his own children closely for his research. Piaget identified four stages of cognitive development. The first stage is from birth to the age of two. This is when parents should buy camcorders to record the first moments, instead of getting kids “gadgets”. The second stage is from the age of three to five. At this stage, kids tend to “pretend play” a lot. The third stage is from the age of six to eleven. At this time, parents should watch closely what the kids do on the internet and steer them toward good sites. The last stage is is from age twelve and on. At this stage, they should be allowed to experience technology on their own.

          The gadget I’m looking forward to getting at college is a new laptop. Also, this might not be considered a gadget but I’m really excited for my first car.


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