Weird Food

September 11, 2008

          In this world, there are multitudes of foods that are strange to different people. People in Cambodia eat toasted spiders for snacks or even the notorious frog legs in France and they may sound weird and disgusting, but to the people that live there, it’s perfectly normal. My case is different. Although I am Korean, I am not used to some of the strange food in this country because I have a mindset of an American as a result of living in the United States for twelve years. Whenever I see the bbundaegi, which is a cooked brownish cocoon, my weak stomach shakes. When I first visited Korea, my parents tried to force me to eat the strange delicacy, but I refused. Another food that made me sick was the intestines when one gets along with soondae. Intestines? Are you kidding me? Although I’m a Korean, I’m still not used to the unusual food.