October 16, 2008

To a significant number of the Ibo people, they saw these things as bad ideas and they did not take these new things in a positive way. However, being a reader with an objective point of view, these churches, schools, and etc. are positive influences. I’m going to talk about this in an objective point of view. The changes were positive because they gave the Ibo people a chance at a more civilized way of life. There are a lot of traditions that aren’t morally correct such as killing babies just because they are twins or physically abusing his wife or wives. The church would give the Ibo people the correct religion while the schools would educate kids and improve the potential for the future. Courts would give rational judgment while markets would give money more importance and flow of trading. Hospitals could care for the wounded better instead of old herbal remedies and military would protect the people better instead of using axes which is vulnerable to attack.

One example of Korean-American diaspora is hagwons. Korean kids want to improve at speaking English. These hagwons attract these kids and teach them the English language. Another example would be international schools. This is almost similar to hagwons except these schools, the students must be fluent in English. Here a group of English speaking Koreans come together and learn. A third example would be churches. There are English sermons in churches so people who struggle with Korean can praise God.

The novel is called Things Fall Apart because it shows the diaspora in a bad light. The white people apparently oppress the Ibo people. The Ibo people do not want interference with their traditions and cultures. Things Fall Apart means that things always change over time no matter what. There will always be new influences that could change for the better or the worse.


The Second Coming

October 3, 2008

          In the book Things Fall Apart, a part of William Butler Yeat’s poem, The Second Coming, is inscripted on the first page of the book. The words “things fall apart” is also a part of the poem. In the poem, things fall apart means that the world will fall one day and that God will end the religious wars. The Second Coming refers to the day when God shows hiimself and ends the spiritual war between God and the Devil. In the poem, Yeats refers to the dreadful day of Judgment Day, where a monster is created and is going to create havoc in this world.

          In the book Things Fall Apart, the white people are symbolically represented by the monster. In the book, the impression of the white people is a negative one, showing them abusing the people of Umuofia. However, being a Christian, I see it in a good way, converting many people of the wrong religion and teaching them the correct religion. This book shows there White people in a bad light and represent them as monsters.