44% of Korean Ivy League Students Drop-out

November 7, 2008

It’s amazing how Korean students work so hard diligently and passionately during their high school years and end up quitting and dropping out of the prestigious school they worked so hard to get in. Kim said in the article that:

Such a high dropout rate is largely attributable to Korean parents forcing their children to study rather than participate in extracurricular activities, an essential part of overseas education for foreign students to acclimate themselves to American society and get a good job in the long run.


I think it’s just plain sad that we have the highest drop-out rate from all races in the world. People say that Koreans are just naturally intelligent and smart but from this evidence, I would say they Koreans are just screwed up in the head and they don’t have the right priorities in place. School isn’t just about getting the best grades in class. School is about interacting with other people and forming positive and everlasting relationships for the future and also gaining social skills. Later on, life won’t be about taking tests and quizzes and receiving grades. Life is going to be working with other people and interacting with the world, something the Koreans don’t get. Koreans are just so fed up with studying that they don’t even place any importance on extracurricular activities. I’ve lived in America for 12 years out of my 18 year old life so basically, I have a American way of thinking. I like playing basketball, which is my favorite extracurricular activity and I spend a lot of my time improving my skills and getting better. This is the goal of extracurricular activity. Finding something you like and getting better at it. I reserve a time to study and then after that, I don’t touch a textbook or worksheet after again.

This article should be sent out to every mother and father of Korean students and make them realize that getting the best grades isn’t everything. The parents are the reason the irrational thinking of “my son/daughter HAS to get in the BEST college”. What’s the point of getting in an Ivy League school if the student is not prepared and is going to drop out of it?


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