Growing Up Online

January 15, 2009

#1 In what ways would you need to change your routine in order to disconnect yourself from all media (i.e. no TV, no Internet, etc.) What problems would you encounter if you unplugged for one day? One week? One month?

Well, it’s easier to say you are going to disconnect yourself from all media than doing it because media is everywhere in society today. In the homes, car, even in our pockets. Kids today are entrenched in their computer seats never leaving the area unless they have to go out of the house. The way I would try to limit myself from media would be finding physical activity to do. In my case, I would go to the recreation center and play basketball, which would be so much healthier and beneficial for my body. Another way would be to set a limit on the computer or watching television. Set a schedule to follow throughout or pick specific t.v. shows you would want to watch and watching only those, not any other random t.v shows.

#2 How many hours per week do you estimate you spend on Facebook or similar personal networking sites? What are the benefits and disadvantages of using these sites?

I rarely spend time on facebook. I spend about 10 minutes everyday on facebook so about 1 hour and 10 minutes of facebook in one week. The benefits is that you can reach out to anyone you want around the globe. It’s easy to stay in touch and its comfortable. Also, you can upload pictures and you can access yourself to these pictures. However, people you haven’t even met in your life can find out your information and “stalk” you.

#3 To what extent are you aware of viral marketing, the use of “advertorials” (presenting advertisements as editorial content), or direct marketing on Facebook and other social networking sites?

I know that sites have pop-up advertisements. I have a pop-up blocker application on my computer and I can allow pop-ups from certain sites that will allow the pop-ups I want. There’s even pop-up sites on instant messenger when chat boxes are automatically opened with the pop-up website automatically sent to people. I know these aren’t good sites so I just never click it, unless my friend says its a site I should see.

#4 Personal response based on your individual viewing of “Growing Up Online”.

As a teenager, I get annoyed when my parents ask me what I’m doing on the website or even asking for my password for my accounts for facebook or email. I know it’s because they are worried and they want to protect me, but I don’t think watching everything your child does is not a good way to protect your child. There are other ways such as a website blocker that blocks bad sites. Some people say that the internet should be cancelled and should not be allowe d for use. The benefits outweigh the negatives. Some benefits are that students can find informational sites and become educated better and people can keep connections with people that live far away from them. The internet is too important to take away and it just needs better filtering systems that will make the internet much safer for younger kids to use.